Marwa Ghanem
Marwa Ghanem

Marwa Ghanem

Quran and Tajweed Teacher
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  • 6 Mahmoud Nasr St., off Al-Galaa Street, in Abu Radi district, Mahalla Al-Kobra, Gharbia Governorate
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A brief introduction

Hello! I hold a BA degree in Science Biochemistry. Additionally, I completed a one-year General Educational diploma, which significantly enhanced my understanding of modern teaching techniques and effective student interaction.

Regarding my qualifications for this job, I have memorized the Quran with a deep understanding of Tajweed’s rules. This allows me to guide students in reading the Quran correctly, paying attention to pronunciation and articulation, just as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recited it. I am passionate about teaching the Holy Quran and Tajweed online. What I love most about my work is the opportunity to be part of children’s Quranic education “the words of Allah”. My job combines two important goals: achieving success and earning rewards from Allah. I focus on helping them read the Quran correctly, paying attention to proper pronunciation and articulation, just as was revealed on the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

reading and reciting the Quran connects us to Allah’s guidance. It’s our direct link to His words, providing solace, wisdom, and solutions for life’s challenges.
My Qualifications:
Wahion Youha Academy Courses:
I’ve completed a course on Quran and Tajweed teaching qualification for non-Arabic speakers. Additionally, I’ve taken the Quran teaching course for children under the guidance of Dr. Hanan Shahdi Abdullah. These courses equip me with essential skills to effectively teach the Quran to diverse learners.
Rawak Platform Courses:
I’ve completed both the first and second levels of the Quran teaching qualification course for non-Arabic speakers. Professor Amira Sami Al-Omairi’s guidance has undoubtedly enriched my understanding of Quranic education.
Noor Al-Bayan Course:
The Noor Al-Bayan course, led by Professor Maryam Hakim, focuses on teaching non-native speakers. Participating in this program demonstrates my commitment to inclusive and effective teaching methods.
‘Learn Tajweed the Easy Way’ Course:
Under the mentorship of Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim at the Understand Al Quran Academy, I’ve explored the intricacies of Tajweed. This knowledge will empower me to guide students in proper Quranic recitation.
Books and Additional Learning:
My reading list includes valuable resources such as:
‘Guide for Quran Teachers for Non-Arabic Speakers’: A practical guide to effective teaching.
‘Al-Futuhat Al-Rabbaniyah’
‘The Quran Teacher’s Guide to Managing Online Classes’
‘Fath Al-Rahman in Teaching the Words of the Quran’
. I hope this captures the essence of my dedication to teaching the Quran and Tajweed and may my journey continue to illuminate hearts with the light of the Quran!



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